Do You Even Strategy, Bro? is my personal and quasi-professional blog. Portions of my time are spent livestreaming on Twitch.tv and Facebook for the Military Gamer Network, which is an affiliation of different game communities for Veterans and their supporters. Other times I write articles that cover a wide variety of topics mostly focused on games, leadership philosophies and building up positive ways of improving the world around us.

I am an 11 year Air Force Officer who had the fortune of serving with some of America’s heroes. My career can be summed up as a lead planner, liaison and analyst working between all the services and many coalition nations. I carry with me some of the greatest memories and experiences I could have ever hoped for driven to use them to further our national security as a contractor and as a volunteer working with Active Duty and Veteran service members. Optimism is the key to my outlook on life and although it isn’t always easy, there’s always a push to look at everything in a positive light.

If you ever want to talk about something, please hit me up on my Contact page. I love networking and figuring out ways to collaborate on projects and refine crazy ideas into real plans.

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