Military Gamer Network

The Military Gamer Network

MGN is a resource site for members of its affiliated communities. We offer streaming resources, giveaways, and material support to our members. The Network is sponsored by the Disabled Veteran Owned game store, Military Gamer Supply, located in El Paso, Texas near Fort Bliss.

A community for current and former US Military. There are a lot of military gaming communities out there, but is the only online community that is exclusively built for Active Duty, Veteran, Reserve, and National Guard members of the US Armed Forces.

Silver Sun Republic

20+ year old Roleplaying, Player versus Player community open to all with an interest in a positive gaming environment. Strongly connected to and affiliated with, SSR complements the esprit de corps as it was founded and is managed by military veterans. Don’t just play the game, play the guild you’re a part of as well!