Argento Bots

Third-person multiplayer shooter featuring an advanced damage and repair system with dynamic levels that players can change by securing objectives and enabling and disabling traps. The game includes three different maps, 10 weapons, three damage types, and four kinds of traps.

Argento Bots

Project Lead/Programmer

Argento Bots was a full work up using C++ and networking/replication to build a multiplayer game using Steam SDK. As Project Lead I built the documentation and pitch while assembling a multidisciplinary team of all former US Military veterans to create a more dynamic shooter with an advanced damage system.


Unreal Engine 5.2.1


Perforce, Unreal Engine, Visual Studio 2022, ClickUp


Server Side Rewind, Replication/Networking, C#, C++, Blueprints, User Journeys/Stories, Agile Project Management, Leadership/Management, Project Pitch.

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