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Feel free to send us a message about anything related to the show or to inquire about our services. We’re happy to discuss whatever’s on your mind!

Brandon Sivret

Brandon Sivret


Having grown up in the metaverse, starting with Cybertown and a nod to the original Black Sun Club from Snowcrash, video game design and project management combined with software engineering has been a lifelong passion. Following a lifetime of game development and a 13-year career in the US Air Force, Brandon has built a brand around “Games as Simulation” with experience in production, design, operations, policy, and project management. Full Stack Developer with sys admin and infrastructure management as an indie developer and enterprise level delivery.

Jarrod Price

Jarrod Price


A household name in the fraud prevention industry, Jarrod has built a career out of leveraging data analytics to provide risk management and loss prevention across the spectrum of global economies and the retailers who access them. Experienced in systems and process improvement tied to financial and key performance indicators. He’s also a self-described video game fanatic with a keen interest in economic and economy-of-scale games; the more conveyer belts, the better.


Do You Take Requests for Shows?

Absolutely! We love taking requests, including a format or special topic you have in mind. Want to promote your latest product, work, or event? We’d be happy to have you on. Want us to review something of yours? We’re also happy to help there as well.

How Do You Balance Your Other Projects and This?

This is a passion project combined with our passion for helping others. This entire effort rose out of the need we saw within our respective industries and areas of expertise, so by working on this, we’re getting more out of the content than just the content itself.

What Else Are You Working On?

Each of us has various projects we’re always working on, but collectively we operate an indie game dev studio along with a gaming community we’ve run for over 20 years. The great thing about this content is that it serves as a nexus for all of our combined interests.

Can I Hire You For An Event?

It really depends upon our availability, but we’d love to hear about your event, conference, trade show, virtual gathering, or whatever else you can think up. We’re always looking for opportunities to grow our network and the community at large.

Where Do You Get Your Material?

From everywhere we can find it. Most of what we use is from things we come across in our daily professional and personal lives. We’re also open to requests and suggestions from viewers.

What Kind Of Services Do You Offer?

We offer a whole range of consulting services from project management to reviewing pitch decks to enacting culture changes and shifts towards more productive methods. Sometimes you might feel stuck or lost when it comes to getting started or reaching your goals. This is where we can help.

How Do I Get Started With Your Services?

Send us a message and we’ll be happy to reach out. We generally start with an initial review of your project and/or business and work through a three phase approach to understand how we can help. We don’t start charging for our services until we’re confident we can get you to where you want to go.


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