Fallen Empire

Classic Real Time Strategy game with dynamic dialogue, technology upgrades, and faction standing system. Using the latest Unreal Engine features, resources and elements of the game maps are procedurally generated along with dialogue choices to create greater replayability.

Fallen Empire

Producer/ Programmer

Fallen Empire was a larger scoped project that tied together the full spread of disciplines and capabilities for a team of up to 10 at one point. Capacity planning and task scheduling was incredibly important. The game was also done fully in blueprints, which was a departure from my usual mix of C++ and blueprints. I also spent more time on UI and Data Assets in-engine to manage settings, save game objects, and other data intense operations.


Unreal Engine 5.2.1


Perforce, ClickUp, Unreal Engine


Production, Capacity Planning, Task Scheduling, Agile Project Management, Blueprints, Data Assets/Tables, UI/UX

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